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Rough Chowder

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Rough Chowder hail from Sussex and present a lively repertoire of traditional and revamped Cajun, Zydeco and Swamp Blues from the Bayou’s of Louisiana.

Cajun music is dance music, whether played in the dancehall, on the back porch or in a field during Mardi Gras. It’s a music that transcends the ages, with the youngsters being transfixed by the flame haired lady playing the washboard and a tempo that dares you to stick to the spot and not grab a dance partner. Rough Chowder will take you on a transatlantic journey with the beautiful melodies of the accordion playing the Cajun two step and waltz mixed with their foot stomping swamp blues and Zydeco.


Rough Chowder play all over the UK and Europe at Cajun and Zydeco festivals, Folk and Americana festivals as well as pubs and dances. 

Influenced and inspired by some of the greats such as the Balfa Brothers, Octa Clarke and Boc Sec Ardroin, but also by the new generation of Cajun bands such as Feufollet and Pineleaf Boys, Rough Chowder have brought their unique sound across the Atlantic to the UK combining the traditional songs with some of the more obscure Cajun and Creole tracks, together with elements of rockabilly and Western swing. 

Singing in a both Cajun French and English, Rough Chowder maintain a smooth tempo for traditional two steps and waltzes and foot stomping high energy Zydeco to get your groove on. LAISSEZ LES BONS TEMPS ROULER!

Ian McIlroy – Accordion / Vocals

Cheryl McIlroy – Frottoir / Tit-fer / Vocals

Andrew Craggs – Guitar / Vocals

Mike Fitzsimons - Bass

Olivier Cantaloube - Drums